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Here's what companies have to say about their experience with having their company and products featured on the TV Show. Read their Testimonials and Reviews of The Geekery View!

Vincent Mastrangelo


"Bill and the entire team at Geekery View have been amazing to work with and we have received so much great exposure since our products have aired on their show! We were extremely excited about the opportunity of working together as we had seen some great episodes on other products but we are always very careful as we manufacture Children's Car Seats and other Baby essentials, and we have to be meticulous when showing our products. The team at Geekery View exceeded our expectations and made sure each and every detail was included and mentioned when reviewing our product and were sure that every component and function was addressed and in its proper place. KidsEmbrace was so thrilled with the reaction to the 2 episodes we were featured in that we have asked Bill and his team to review every product we have available to the public!"

Allan Lavigne

The Bronze Armory

"We wanted to take a moment to share our experience with The Geekery View.  It has been excellent, both traffic to our Etsy site and on line sales have increased incredibly and our products have been introduced to audiences around the world in markets that we would have had no exposure.


The reviews of our items have been very detailed and professional and the filming top notch.  The lighting, close-ups and demonstrations have showcased our items in a fashion that we couldn’t have achieved in any other venue.  Unlike the amateur videos of handmade items posted by their makers on Youtube, the professional film crew and technical advantage of a real studio filming session make a remarkable impression that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


We look forward to our continued work with the Geekery View and urge everyone considering how they can bring their advertising to the next level and get a professional take on their work and wide market exposure The Geekery View is the vehicle for your items."

Pam Vaillancourt

P&C Creations

"The Geekery View was easy to work with and attentive to detail. We saw a good increase in activity after our review was televised. Look forward to continued involvement with the program over the next couple of seasons."

Dallas Yetman

Wishmaster's Capes and Costumes

"Fantastic and original show giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to share what they do while exposing viewers to those items! Engages the watcher by offering information and giveaways so that viewers have first hand experience at what they see the show. Really am original show liked by all who watch it!"

Chris Tavonatti

Anvil Eight Games

"The Geekery View gives companies a unique opportunity for advertising and showing off their products. Bill and his team do a great job of reviewing the product you send them, and then make an short excellent video review to add to their show. I think it is the perfect idea to get someone exciting about a product without overloading them with information. The social media giveaways are great as well, and can help generate some activity for your company's social media presence. Add this to the fact that their services are available at a very very reasonable price, I would highly recommend them."

Jessica Ozoniak

Loot Crate

"I worked with the Geekery View on behalf of a client and can say they are truly great to work with! Professional, responsive and enthusiastic about their work and the company they were representing. Definitely recommend them as a business partner."

Ajith Dharma

Fire Within Mobile Pizza Ovens

"Wow! Bill Rogers and Geekery team really surprised us with their production. We and our fans loved the quality of the production, and delivery. We are very pleased with the post engagement from fans. Fresh approach to getting your product or service to an untapped segment. Highly recommend any CEO or business owner to try out.."

Jorge Gaona

Beany's Toy Shop

"The Geekery View team was good to work with. I supplied products and they reviewed them and made a high quality video for my Store. They were also quick to make and edit the video so I had customers as soon as their review aired. Thanks again."

Andrew Conroy

Long Winter Studios

"The Geekery Review is great! These guys test some great products and services AND give them away. Oh man, I hope I win so killer swag!"

Cody Hilliard

Paradox Props

"The Geekery View is an amazing show, that advertises your store, or products. Bill is a great guy to work with, and does an awesome job showcasing your product. Each week the giveaways are done, and it's a fun experience to be a part of with the anxiousness of who won what item, as well as the fun trivia they do at the end of the show. Definitely give the geekery view a look to see what they could do for your business or to find awesome merchandise"

Trina Rudolph

Fred and Friends

"It has been great to work with The Geekery View! The video they created is fantastic! You can't go wrong!"

Heather Hilliard

Jus the Nerdy Bits

"These guys were awesome! It definitely helped my little business get some attention!"

Micah Graham

Micah Graham Art

"Excellent and Honesty Reviews, Great fun working with you guys! Can't wait to see more from you!"

Tim Martins

Warfire Forge

"The Geekery View is awesome! You did a fantastic job with it and went into much greater depth than we expected. All of the items looked great. Can't wait to see the future shows."

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