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Anvil 8 games

The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"The Geekery View gives companies a unique opportunity for advertising and showing off their products. Bill and his team do a great job of reviewing the product you send them, and then make an short excellent video review to add to their show. I think it is the perfect idea to get someone exciting about a product without overloading them with information. The social media giveaways are great as well, and can help generate some activity for your company's social media presence. Add this to the fact that their services are available at a very very reasonable price, I would highly recommend them."


- Chris Tavonatti (Anvil 8 Games)


Anvil 8 Games is a game company that creates unique and one of a kind board games and card games! They specialize in strategy games that have great illustrations and game-play.


Anvil Eight Games began in 2013 with the launch of their miniatures board game Aetherium! Anvil 8 Games is dedicated to the creation of top-shelf quality games, both in terms of modern game design and tangible production value.


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A strategy board game with detailed figures and game-play ! 

No Kamrades

A strategy card game that involves a team of Kamrades, attacks and defense! 

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