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The Geekery View - TV Show - Roku - Soci

Is it just a YouTube Page? Is it a Facebook LIVE Stream?

FIRST and foremost The Geekery View is a National Broadcast Television Show. 

SECOND - After the TV Show airs, we stream everything on YouTube and Vimeo!

THIRD - We stream all the content on Social Media and announce Giveaways for the products!

FOURTH - We announce the Giveaway winners with a Facebook LIVE video! 

FIFTH - Everything is streamed for Free on the "GEEK" Roku Channel.

SIXTH - The Geekery View is available to watch on Amazon Prime TV and more!

We are not your ordinary geek that does Youtube Product Reviews. Rather we are a Television show, held to broadcast standards, that airs on National TV, then streamed on Roku, Youtube, Vimeo websites Social Sites and more. 


It's a Geek TV Show where we join the geek community to the geek companies for a chance to win their great products.Toys, Tech, Kids products, superhero merchandise, costumes, artwork and more! Join us on this geeky adventure to find the best geeky products from around the world! 


The Geekery View - What type of geek are

WHAT IS A GEEK? If you are passionate or excited about a certain topic or subject YOU ARE A GEEK!!! If you really enjoy traveling, you are a Travel Geek. If you are someone who loves food, you are a Food Geek. If you collect miniature porcelain cat figurines then... well you get the picture!

Geek isn't just superheros and technology, it's about anything you LOVE! 


The Geekery View covers ALL aspects of Geek Life! Costume Geeks, Gamer Geeks, Tech Geeks, Comic Geek, Toy Geek and more! We got you covered! 

We might even showcase some porcelain mini cats...but no promises! 

Stay tuned to The Geekery View episodes and we promise it will by the best geeky adventure you go on! 

With that said we'd like to publicly thanks all of those companies who have been on The Geekery View! 


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