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On The Geekery View, we LOVE geeky stuff and we know you do too. In fact most geeks have some type of geeky collection. We are glad to share some of the BEST Geek Collections from around the world! You can get an inside look at each of these collections below, on Television, on the "Geek" Roku Channel or Social Media


Submit a video of your Geek Collection for a chance to be featured on The Geekery View 


Submit Your Video

We want to feature YOUR GEEK COLLECTION!!!

The Geekery View TV Show and the "Geek" Roku Channel is looking to showcase "Geek Collections" during our next Season ! With over 350K fans a month on Television, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Social Media, YouTube, Vimeo and more!

What do you collect? Costumes, Cards, Comics, Toys, Posters, decorative spoons? Our fans want to know!!!

The Geekery View wants to show the world how awesome, your collection is!
SUBMIT A VIDEO by clicking on the blue button.


Send us a video of you showing off your collection, wearing your costumes, playing with the toys and giving us a firsthand look into your collectors life and you could have a chance to be featured!

1) Video must be horizontal
2) Keep language clean and keep video modest
3) Be totally your self. We want to learn about YOU & want to see YOU!
4) Videos can be 2-5 minutes long

STARTING THE VIDEO. When you start the video say something that addresses our audience like, "Hey Geekery fans, my name is .... from... and I collect...Today I wanted to give you a tour of my collections" ENDING THE VIDEO. Then at the end thank the viewers for joining you and feel free to share any social links, website or YouTube channel, that way our fans can follow YOU!!!


MAKE IT AWESOME. Since we'll be directing all of our audience to your sites to follow you, make the video awesome, show us your great personality, be creative and have fun!

SUBMIT VIDEO. When you have the video finished, you can submit it directly to our Dropbox. 

Once you've submitted your video, please also email us at so we can contact you, if we choose you to be featured!

(NOTE: The Geekery View TV Show will only show clean, appropriate video on Television)

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