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After the TV Show airs we give away all of the product on Social Media. So after you watch the show, make sure to enter the giveaways. Like our pages and the Company pages that are on the show! 

On Episode 1 we review the ever popular Fidget Spinner from Beany's Toy Shop. Get our nails filed with Sticky Fingers Gum Nail file from Fred and Friends. Try on some Kid Flash Steam Punk Goggles made by War Fire Forge and take a look at an Exclusive Autographed Superman Returns Symbol from the Bronze Armory. 

On Episode 2 we review the Pizza Boss 3000, from Fred and Friends. A Destiny inspired Cloak by Wishmaster's Capes. We visit Fire Within at the International Pizza Expo and learn about their mobile pizza ovens. And finally we visited the Mystery Escape Room in Salt Lake City. 

On Episode 3 we review some Zelda Artwork from Micah Graham. A Steampunk Vortex Manipulator from War Fire Forge. A Rubber Band Machine Gun from Elastic Precision. A X-Men, Cyclops Visor from The Bronze Armory. And finally a Vegetable Peeler, Nose Cups and Ear Bud Speakers from Fred.

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