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When you join The Geekery View team and become a Sponsor, our goal is to help increase your sales. We do this by creating and distributing high quality content and getting geeks excited about your product! 

Take a look at the work we did for The RPC Studio. See more examples in the links below each category! 

Here's what's included in the package.



The first thing to tackle is the script. This will determine the visuals that we will film. To help us know what you would like included in the script we send you our "Script Starter" Document that will ask you questions like, "Who's your target market?", "What is your desired call to action?", "What materials is your product made of?" and more. 

Our writers will take the "Script Starter" and develop that into a script. We will send that to you to review, adjust and approve. Once approved we schedule the filming.

The Geekery View - RPC Studio Script Exa


After your script is approved we schedule filming for your TV Segment. This will be the video that airs on the TV Show. The video is broken up into a couple sections. 

  • Intro - Host introduces your product

  • Company Intro - Short video, voiced over about your company 

  • The Meat - Talk about your product. We film on set footage and lifestyle footage that our editors compile into a 3-5 minute video

  • The Dessert - We announce the giveaway for the product and close with your company website

TV Segment


After the TV Segment is finished we edit it into a full 30 minute Episode of The Geekery View. We submit the completed Season of Episodes to Right Now TV, a National Broadcast Network.

Right Now TV will schedule the Episodes to broadcast to over 4 Million Viewers across American Television. 

Each Season will air 2-3 times on the National Network. Giving your TV Segment multiple air times.

The Geekery View - NATIONAL COVERAGE.png
National TV


After the Episodes air on TV, we also steam the Episode for free on Roku. Roku is a device that connects to a TV to basically make it a "Smart TV" and allow you to download apps, TV Channels and watch movies. Roku streaming is "On Demand TV" so you watch the Episodes or Movies when you want! There are about 30 Million Roku devices across America. 

Roku logo

The Geekery View is Streamed on the "Geek" Roku Channel with over 350K views a month. This channel contains geeky TV Shows and videos! Fans can download the "Geek" Roku Channel for free to watch their favorite shows! 

GEEK - Channel Poster 540x405 - High Res


The Geekery View is unique because we combine the distribution power of TV and the connecting power of Social Media. We do this through Social Media Giveaway Campaigns. 

After your TV Segment airs, we launch the Giveaway for that product! We tag your company in the post and to enter all fans need to do is; Like, Comment and Share the giveaway post. Here is the RPC Studio Spider-Man suit giveaway. (Giveaway results will vary)

The Geekery View - Giveaways 05.jpg

Our goal is to hype up your product to an engaged audience of fans. In the post we also include direct links to your product for fans to purchase. Social Media Giveaways are a great way to create awareness, hype, excitement and sales. 



High Res and high quality photos are taken of your product. We supply you with 2 types of photos

  • SET PHOTOS: Crisp & clear pictures of your product on set, with great lighting & details.

  • LIFESTYLE PHOTOS: Fun pictures of your product in actual use in every day life



Our editors will take your 3-5 Minute video and edit it down to a 30 second commercial that highlights your product. We can also supply an "Amazon Ready" Commercial that meets all of the requirements to include the commercial as an Amazon Ad.​



We also supply you with over 10 minutes of usable B-Roll. B-Roll is all the extra footage & closeups of your product that was filmed. In the 3-5 minute TV Segment we trim the B-Roll down and use a small percentage of the footage that was filmed. 

What we send you is all of the B-Roll clips. We trim it up and provide you with usable footage of your product. Both on set and lifestyle footage. 



The Geekery View - Files.png

After production we send you links to download all of the High Res Photos and HD Footage used in production. We send the files in the Highest resolution. This includes

  • On Set Photos

  • Lifestyle Photos

  • 3-5 Minute TV Segment Video

  • 30 Second Commercial Video

  • B-Roll Video

Media Files


We also give you Unlimited License to all of the Image and Video files to use them as you wish. Use them for marketing purposes, trade shows & social media. You can also edit the photos or video and distribute as you like.

These are just some ideas of how to use the media.

You have Unlimited License, that never expires on

all of the files we send you. No need to ask us for

permission or worry about using the media files.

The way it should be! :)

The Geekery View - Unlimited License.png
Unlimited License


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