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P&C Creations

The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"The Geekery View was easy to work with and attentive to detail. We saw a good increase in activity after our review was televised. Look forward to continued involvement with the program over the next couple of seasons."


- Pam Vaillancourt (P&C Creations)


P&C Creations is an Etsy shop and family owned business. They create custom and stock pieces with very high quality for clients around the world. P&C Creations focuses on cosplay and fantasy type leather garments. They create fun character-based items out of leather, neoprene, Kevlar and aluminum using their unique twist and interpretation of their outfits. Instead of creating exact replicas, P&C Creations thrives in creating original pieces that are unique and inspired by your favorite characters.


The owners of P&C creations are husband and wife team Pam and CJ. They both work together to plan, design and create these great leather pieces. In fact CJ has over 24 years of experience in the industry. And in 2013 through a successful Kickstarter was able to obtain the required equipment to make P&C Creations a reality. Today P&C Creations makes so many great products. You can even custom order a piece that isn’t an exact replica but has the same look and feel, while also adding fun colors and other custom touches. With P&C Creations, your imagination is really the limit. In fact the items on their Etsy shop are a small percentage of what they actually make because of all the custom pieces. A regular custom piece might take a month or so to create and you are very much involved in the design process.


So if you appreciate creative costume designs, and want a very unique piece then go to their Etsy page and see the inventive designs and start dreaming up your own custom piece!  

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Batman Gauntlets

Made of great leather and hardware and feel very comfortable as you fight crime! 

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