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on The Geekery View TV Show

The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"Bill and the entire team at Geekery View have been amazing to work with and we have received so much great exposure since our products have aired on their show! We were extremely excited about the opportunity of working together as we had seen some great episodes on other products but we are always very careful as we manufacture Children's Car Seats and other Baby essentials, and we have to be meticulous when showing our products. The team at Geekery View exceeded our expectations and made sure each and every detail was included and mentioned when reviewing our product and were sure that every component and function was addressed and in its proper place. KidsEmbrace was so thrilled with the reaction to the 2 episodes we were featured in that we have asked Bill and his team to review every product we have available to the public!


- Vincent Mastrangelo (KidsEmbrace)

ABOUT KidsEmbrace

KidsEmbrace works with Global licensed partners to bring kids favorite characters to life by making the only character car seat in the World. They have now taken those same licensed properties and applied them to other baby gear essentials, such as strollers, baby carriers, high chairs and more.


KidsEmbrace makes the only car seat on the market that Kids WANT to stay in! Thus eliminating the struggle with kids getting buckled up. This makes mom and dad’s life much easier! This really is the coolest car seat out there. And kids will agree.

product tv spots

Batman Car Seat

Kids LOVE this Batman Car Seat that well designed, can grow with your child and extremely safe! 

Batman High Chair

Parents and kids will LOVE this Batman High Chair that is multi-functional and safe!

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