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"We wanted to take a moment to share our experience with The Geekeryview.  It has been excellent, both traffic to our Etsy site and on line sales have increased incredibly and our products have been introduced to audiences around the world in markets that we would have had no exposure.


The reviews of our items have been very detailed and professional and the filming top notch.  The lighting, close-ups and demonstrations have showcased our items in a fashion that we couldn’t have achieved in any other venue.  Unlike the amateur videos of handmade items posted by their makers on YouTube, the professional film crew and technical advantage of a real studio filming session make a remarkable impression that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


We look forward to our continued work with the Geekery View and urge everyone considering how they can bring their advertising to the next level and get a professional take on their work and wide market exposure The Geekery View is the vehicle for your items." 


- Allan Lavigne (Studio Head at The Bronze Armory)


The Bronze Armory is no stranger to The Geekery View. We love their products because they are well designed and made of great materials. The Bronze Armory sells superhero replicas. Items from Captain America, X-Men, Superman, Dr. Strange and more. The Studio Head at the Bronze Armory is none other than Allan Lavigne himself. He has been in the industry of prop making for many years. In fact Skywalker Ranch would only trust Allan to recast the only surviving Storm Trooper Costumes that were worn by Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.


Allan designs and creates all of these items using Designer Resin. Designer Resin is another name that the Bronze Armory uses for their exclusive 4-part Aerospace/ designer resin. It is very durable, lightweight, and is odorless. And coupled with their powdered metals, the Bronze Armory is able to make some incredible pieces.

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Batman Cowl

Designed after the Batman Justice League Film this is screen accurate and wearable! 

New from the Bronze Armory: Offered for the first time, our Batman Justice League cowl. Enjoy the release of the new Justice League film with this full scale screen accurate Batman cowl. Made of high quality Vyta-Flex 40 urethane. Fits adults best with head circumferences between 23" and 25 1/2" inches. Comes with a full color 8" x 11" certificate of authenticity.

Aquaman Set

This Aquaman belt and gauntlet set are designed after the Dawn of Justice League Movie! 

The Full set can be seen on the Etsy page. Here you can see the belt and gauntlets. New From The Bronze Armory: Aquaman Armour Set. The ensemble includes Shoulder guard, Hip shield, pair of gauntlets and shin guards as well as all belting. Leggings and trident sold separately. The armor is cast in our exclusively formulated aerospace designer resin and finished in a faux Inca gold and antiqued. The adjustable belting is cast of Vyta-Flex 40 flexible urethane. The gauntlets are laced with leather cord. 

Superman Key

A Key to the Fortress of Solitude comes with epic display stand!

The Superman Fortress Key Display with pulsing light base is from the Block Buster film "Man of Steel." The key is from the Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Meticulously reproduced and highly detailed, this beautiful display is a MUST HAVE for any collector. Cast in designer resin, this 1.1 Scale Reproduction stands nearly a foot tall in it's housing. The key is removable and the base has a pulsating blue light.

Eye of Agamotto

1 to 1 Scale replica of the Dr Strange medallion!

The Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Medallion is a full scale replica from the hit film is the perfect compliment to any Dr. Strange costume or for any collector. Fully wearable. Highly detailed and cast in aerospace designer resin, beautifully detailed with hieroglyphs and powder coated in faux brilliant gold and silver. The green “Time” Infinity Stone pulsates with a brilliant strobe. The medallion hangs from a genuine woven leather cord. The medallion measure 5’ inches across and 4” inches high and 1 3/8” thick. Comes with batteries installed ready to operate. And now with Sanctum display stand. The stand is cast in solid resin with a felted bottom and finished in a powder coated faux gold. The stand is 8" inches in height and 6" inches wide at the arms.


The Studio head at the Bronze Armory is none other than Allan Lavigne himself. Allan been in the industry or prop making for over 20 years and has been involved with many movie productions.  In fact while Allan was in communication with Stan Lee about a Doctor Doom mask that Allan created, Allan received a letter from Stan Lee saying, that he loved the mask and was going to try to hide it from others so that he could keep it.


And when the Archives on Skywalker Ranch needed someone to recast the only surviving full Storm-Trooper Costumes worn by Mark Hamill and Harrision Ford for a traveling exhibit, Allan was the one they trusted for the job. Although access to the archives was highly restricted and is usually denied, Allan not only worked on the recasting but was able to see firsthand many of the items used in the Star Wars movies. He was even asked to consult on making reproductions of the Tie Fighter helmet for”Rubies Costumes.” Some people think the Tie Fighter Helmet is the same size as the storm troopers but it is actually much larger.


They finished their reproduction of the Storm Trooper Costume for the big reveal at skywalker ranch. To accomplish this and extensive forensic photo autopsy was conducted recording every inch, rivet, fastener, and contact points of the suits, to create the most thorough and comprehensive record of theses iconic sets.



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