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Superman Symbol

superman symbol on the geekery view

Superman Returns Symbol From The Bronze Armory

This is the Exclusive Autographed Edition of the Superman Returns symbol from The Bronze Armory. Cast in designer Resin, this Superman symbol is a 1 to 1 Scale replica and signed by Brandon Routh


This Exclusive collector’s item is cast from high quality designer resin. Designer Resin is another name The Bronze Armory uses for their exclusive 4-part Aerospace/ designer resin. The Bronze Armory can alter this resin formula to produce their many products. They can make the resin hard yet flexible for gauntlets, breastplates and other such stage armor or hard and not flexible for hand props like ray guns, edged weapons and more. The resin can obtain the tensile strength of concrete at 800 pounds per square inch and can be machine, drilled, sanded and painted. They also use it in combination with their powdered metals like bronze to give a piece a real looking metal finish that actually ages like metal. This bronze can even be oxidized to appear weathered and look ancient like their Hercules dagger or give a brilliant shine like their Dr. Strange Eye of Agamoto. And of course as these are real metal finishes, they won’t scratch off like paint and can be buffed to a high glow.


This resin sets incredibly fast, approximately 6 minutes which allows the Bronze Armory to manufacture High Quality pieces quickly. This resin is also odorless; it doesn’t gas off petroleum fumes that other resins can produce for weeks or even months after setting. This is just one of the great benefits from buying an item from the Bronze Armory.

Superman Symbol

Autographed by Brandon Routh from Superman Returns and comes with an epic display stand! 


The attention to detail is incredible. In the movie “Superman Returns” staring Brandon Routh, you will notice that the Superman symbol is very detailed. At first it looks like a nice texture but upon further inspection you will notice that there are mini Superman symbols all over it. The same is true with the Replica version from The Bronze Armory.

DC Comics Superman on The Geekery View
SupermanRetuns on Geekery View
Superman costume made by the Bronze Armory


This item not only is a fantastic replica but it is also signed by Brandon Routh himself. If you are a Superman fan, this signed symbol from the Bronze Armory is a must have for any collector.

Superman Returns Symbol
Signed Superman Symbol on The Geekery View
Superman Return Chst Symbol


The first thing you will notice when you receive an item from the Bronze Armory, is how awesome the packaging is. It’s exciting enough to get your item in the mail. But when it comes in a box like this, you almost feel like you just got called to be a new superhero. Yup, it’s that impressive. These items are always packaged very well to make sure your super hero products come safety to your door.

Superman Symol featured on The GeekeryView TV


And to display your collector’s item, the Bronze Armory has created a very cool and iconic display stand. The Display stand is cast from High Quality Aerospace Designer Resin and is very easy to set up. Although the resin is very hard there are some delicate aspects, so use caution when unwrapping and assembling the pieces together.


Once the walls are inserted, you can rest the symbol in the groves of the “I” Beam and voila. Your Exclusive Autographed Edition of the Superman Returns Symbol from The Bronze Armory.

Superman Symbol Display Stand
The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View


The Bronze Armory is a page on Etsy that sells superhero replicas. The Studio head at the Bronze Armory is none other than Allan Lavigne himself. Allan been in the industry or prop making for over 20 years and has been involved with many movie productions.  In fact while Allan was in communication with Stan Lee about a Doctor Doom mask that Allan created, Allan received a letter from Stan Lee saying, that he loved the mask and was going to try to hide it from others so that he could keep it.


And when the Archives on Skywalker Ranch needed someone to recast the only surviving full Storm-Trooper Costumes worn by Mark Hamill and Harrision Ford for a traveling exhibit, Allan was the one they trusted for the job. Although access to the archives was highly restricted and is usually denied, Allan not only worked on the recasting but was able to see firsthand many of the items used in the Star Wars movies. He was even asked to consult on making reproductions of the Tie Fighter helmet for”Rubies Costumes.” Some people think the Tie Fighter Helmet is the same size as the storm troopers but it is actually much larger.


They finished their reproduction of the Storm Trooper Costume for the big reveal at skywalker ranch. To accomplish this and extensive forensic photo autopsy was conducted recording every inch, rivet, fastener, and contact points of the suits, to create the most thorough and comprehensive record of theses iconic sets.


Allan is currently involved with a 6000 square foot exhibit for a Cleveland Ohio exhibit celebrating Superman’s creators in their home town, in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institute. They will be displaying museum quality reproductions of costume and props from the Superman Films and TV Shows. The exhibit will run from May 6th thru Dec. 2017




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