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The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"Fantastic and original show giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to share what they do while exposing viewers to those items! Engages the watcher by offering information and giveaways so that viewers have first hand experience at what they see the show. Really am original show liked by all who watch it!"


- Dallas Yetman (Wishmaster's Capes and Costumes)


Wishmaster’s Capes and Costumes specializes in crafting signature cape and costume apparel pieces, that are one-of-a-kind items. Wishmaster’s Capes separates themselves from “the pack” by providing excellent customer service from concept, fabrication and delivery. So whatever you have in your creative mind there, you can feel confident that Wishmaster’s Capes can bring it to life


You can see these items are more of an investment than just a purchase. They make items not only for cosplayers but are perfect for weddings, plays and collectors. And these aren’t your typical capes and costumes. The workmanship is very impressive


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Dr Strange Cloak

Complete with Eye of Agamotto this Comic Style cape inspired by Doctor Strange is perfect for any Marvel Fan! 

Destiny Cloak

Inspired by the Hunter from the Destiny video game and just might even grant you some additional XP! 

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