Need to get your product in-front of a lot of eyes? Want a great video that explains your product's features and benefits? The Geekery View is here to help! Through our network of Television, Streaming Services and Social Media we are able to reach the masses for you and get them excited about your product with high quality content and giveaway campaigns! Our goal at The Geekery View is to create great videos then to distribute that to a large audience of excited fans who watch, click and buy! Ultimately our goal is to get you more sales! 


Right Now TV. The Geekery View airs on the Nation TV Network, "Right Now TV" and is broadcast across America millions of homes. Each 30 minute Episode is aired first on television then streams through other distributions.

Roku. The Geekery View streams for free on the "Geek" Roku channel and can be watched by anyone who owns a Roku TV or Roku device. We also stream some bonus material on the Roku Channel. 

Social Media. After The Geekery View airs we stream everything on Facebook and Instagram to thousands of excited fans who are waiting for us to tell them about great geeky products. All of the giveaways are done through Social Media.


LIVE Broadcast. At The Geekery View we like to engage our audience, interact with them and leave them with a call to action to check out your product. We do this by streaming and broadcasting LIVE to showcase items and announce giveaway winners! 


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The Geekery View - Product Showcase

Here are the past Season Product Showcases from Season 1-5. Retron 5 Gaming Console, Dagoma Neva 3D Printer, Smitty Tut Blank Captain America Shield, an El Fett Muscle Shirt, Wacom Cintiq 16 and Square Off Smart Chess Board.


"We saw a good increase in activity after our review was televised."

(P&C Creations)

"Both traffic to our site and online sales have increased incredibly!" (Bronze Armory)

The Geekery View only reviews products that are appropriate for all GEEK ages!

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