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Premium Commercial 

Below are examples of commercials produced for our "Premium Commercial" Package. Products are more likely to sell when they have a Product Commercial. Our Commercials are also "Amazon Ready" by meeting all of the video specs for a commercial to be listed on an Amazon product page. These Premium Commercials are also great for Television, Social Media and your website!

  • VIDEO FOOTAGE. Your Premium Commercial is full of great product shots in a studio as well as Lifestyle footage of your product in use. 

  • PHOTOSHOOT. We also take high quality pictures of your product. Both on set and Lifestyle pictures.

  • STYLE. Your Premium Commercial can include a voice over, text and music! 

  • DISTRIBUTION. After production and approval, we'll air your commercial on Television and Roku.

"Geekery View videos are performing great as Amazon ads!"

- KidsEmbrace

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