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March 2, 2020

San Diego, California

San Diego Doctor Develops a Fitness Tracker That Saves Lives.

Saves Lives

The OxyStrap is a Fitness Tracker headband that can accurately track body vital signs including heart rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation which is the level of oxygen in your bloodstream. It can alert you to health conditions such as heart malfunction, heat stroke and altitude sickness. Monitoring these body vital signs can  help save lives. 

In 2019, just last year, 11 climbers died on Mount Everest due to low oxygen levels and severe altitude sickness. High mountains like Mount Everest aren’t the only place where deaths due to altitude sickness can occur. It can also occur during every day hikes. Had there been an early warning of dropping oxygen levels, those deaths may well have been avoided simply by descending to a lower altitude as quickly as possible. Since the OxyStrap provides accurate and real-time audio announcements of oxygen saturation levels, it can provide a warning of low blood oxygen, so that the user can take appropriate action and avoid the adverse consequences of not only altitude sickness but also other low oxygen environments and conditions. Abnormal body vital signs such as significant rising body temperature, sudden and extreme changes in heart rate and dropping oxygen saturation levels are all warnings to stop your activity and take corrective action.

Developed by Doctors, Athletes and Engineers

Dr. Ron Gertsch has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. He and his team of medical doctors, athletes and engineers have developed the OxyStrap to enhance your safety and performance results while performing your activity of choice. View the technology in this  short video.


“As an athlete and surgeon specializing in bariatrics and fitness, I became frustrated with all the devices on the market which were not really effective fitness trackers. This gave me the incentive to organize a team of medical doctors who specialize in fitness, athletes and engineers, with the goal of developing a truly effective fitness tracker. It has taken over 10 years of rigorous research and development, including high altitude research on Mount Everest to finally achieve our goal. The amazing result is the OxyStrap and we are now ready to launch our product to market.” - Dr. Ron Gertsch MD

Audio Announcements of Fitness Data

Exercise is an obvious benefit to your health, unless you trip and fall because you are checking your phone to see how many steps you’ve taken or other fitness data. Over the past 10 years 11,000 injuries have occurred because of running/walking while texting. Psychologists call this  inattention blindness. The OxyStrap solves this issue so you never have to check a display screen on your smart watch or smart phone for fitness data during physical activity.


The OxyStrap accomplishes this because it talks to you with real-time audio announcements of your fitness data. You can choose and set the frequency of the audio announcements. The audio announcements keep you informed and let you stay focused on your activity while on the go. There’s no need to stop, slow down or take your eyes off the road where they belong. In addition to monitoring body vital signs, the OxyStrap will also track and announce complete fitness data such as speed, distance, steps, time, altitude, and calories burned.


Other Features

The OxyStrap sweat-wicking headband is comfortable to wear, anti-microbial, water resistant and hand washable. It can be worn under an adjustable hat, visor or helmet or simply on its own. The OxyStrap is simple to charge with a wireless inductive charger and easily syncs with both IOS and Android smart watches or smart phones so you can receive phone calls, listen to music, and receive complete fitness data.

Kickstarter Campaign 

Dr. Gertsch and his team are excited to launch the OxyStrap and make it available to the public through a Kickstarter campaign that will launch in May 2020. To receive a notification of when the OxyStrap launches and is available for pre-order visit and sign up for email notifications.


For further information visit the website or email the OxyStrap Team directly at

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