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The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"The Geekery Review is great! These guys test some great products and services AND give them away. Oh man, I hope I win so killer swag!""


- Andrew Conroy (Long Winter Studios)


Long Winter Studios provides quality characters and animation tools for film, Visual FX, TV and game studios that are looking to compete in a fast paced industry. They create complete 3D Characters that are completely rigged and ready to go. Quality and design is really what sets Long Winter Studios apart in the industry. And these aren’t just any rigs or characters. You get access to feature level characters that have a very extensive rig set up.


Long Winter Studios also provides custom assets and tools in the same way to studios as a plug and play character development house. If you’re looking to build excellent characters but don’t want to spend years developing tools and a team. Or if you’re an animation company needing compelling characters then give Long Winter Studios a call and you will be taken care of.


From tools to characters, Long Winter Studios holds very high standards and they work hard to achieve them. For a low monthly fee you can access these film quality character assets.


With all of their characters and tools, Long Winter Studios is quickly becoming the go-to studio for the 3D Animation Industry.


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Order the BEST 3D Animation Rigs in the animation industry! 

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