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Best Captain America Shield

Best Captain America Shield

This is the best metal Captain America Shield from Comic Sandwiches. It is a authentic replica of the Captain America movie shield. Like in the First Avenger, any of the Avengers movies or any of the Captain America movies. It's the real deal, being made out of metal and real quality leather. This replica Captain America Shield is fully decked out with great features: 

  • Screen Accurate

  • Authentic Replica

  • 1/8 Spun Aluminum Metal

  • 24" in diameter

  • Weighs 6 lbs

  • Grooves on front and back

  • Professional and Quality Paints

  • Clear Coats

  • Laser Etched Star

  • Specially machined metal brackets and buckles

  • Hold on either arm

  • High Quality Oil Tanned Leather Straps

  • Custom made by hand

  • Great for cosplayers, collectors or Captain America fans 

Captain America Shield Replica


This truly is the best Captain America Shield for anyone who loves the Avengers movies, Endgame or is a fan of Captain America Marvel Comics! It's perfect to hand on a wall or to use at comic conventions. If you've even been looking for a Captain America shield for a gift for someone, this is the PERFECT replica and will make their Super Soldier dreams comes true! 

360 Turnaround 

 metal Captain America Shield

Get a 360 turnaround experience of the Comic Sandwiches real metal Captain America Shield. Rotate the image above to see the front, side and back view of this replica Captain America Shield! 

Pictures of the best metal Captain America Shield


Comic Sandwiches makes custom metal artwork. One of the items they make is a fully complete metal Captain America Shield. They also create other shields, batarangs, batons, hammers, metal artwork and more! 

Comic Sandwiches logo

Video of best Captain America Shield

Sizzle Reel of Shield in Action

Interview with Shield maker


Watch a full review of the best Captain America shield replica on the planet from Comic Sandwiches. There's also a sizzle reel and an interview with Grayson Burgess who makes these Captain America Shields. 


This Captain America Shield looks like it's straight from the movies! It's strong metal, real leather and bound to stay with you till the end of the line. 

The color of the shield is spot on to the movie colors. It really looks like someone snatched it right from the screen. The clear coat gives a nice shine but not too shiny. 

It not only looks great but it feels great. It only weighs 6 pounds plus the comfortable leather straps are adjustable and made of a quality leather.

Doesn't it look like the real Captain America shield from the movies?! 

Movie Catpain America Shield

BEST Captain America Shield

You'll never find a better made, more sturdy Captain America Shield! This metal replica Cap Shield is great for cosplays! A Captain America costume wouldn't be complete with out an awesome Captain America Shield!

It's great to have a real metal Captain America Shield vs a plastic shield. This Comic Sandwiches Captain America Shield will make you feel like a real super soldier! 


This shield will definitely last a long time and is made by a great artist! 

The Best Captain America Shield
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