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Beanys Toy Shop

The Bronze Armory on The Geekery View

"The Geekery View team was good to work with. I supplied products and they reviewed them and made a high quality video for my Store. They were also quick to make and edit the video so I had customers as soon as their review aired. Thanks again."


- Jorge Gaona (Beanys Toy Shop)


Beanys Toy Shop is a store that focuses on having fun by providing fun toys! You might be tired or buying products at auction websites where you don’t get the customer service you deserve. Beanys Toy Shop takes pride on not only the quality of it’s products but also the exceptional customer service provided with every purchase, no matter how big or small. What matters to them is to get a smile on your face and provide you with some fun toys!


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Fidget Spinners

Buy a High Quality, fun Fidget Spinner. Many designs, colors and styles ! 

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