Season 4    Giveaway Schedule

Watch the TV Show then win the Prizes! The Geekery View isn't just a YouTube Channel that posts reviews. We not only review great Geek Products on Television but we also give those products away on Social Media! 

Here is a schedule of the upcoming giveaways for Season 4. Mark your calendars for the items you want to win! 

October 7 - October 12

Optimus Prime Mug
Optimus Prime Mug Giveaway on The Geekery View from Vandor Products
Star Wars Book & Pen
Star Wars Book & Pen Giveaway on The Geekery View from Bioworld
Zelda Umbrella
Zelda Umbrella Giveaway on The Geekery View from Bioworld
Captain America Key
Captain America Key Holder Giveaway on The Geekery View from Bioworld
Foundmi - Cap
Foundmi - Captain America Giveaway on The Geekery View from Bioworld
Foundmi - Black Panther
Foundmi - Black Panther Giveaway on The Geekery View from Bioworld
Wacom Cintiq 16
Wacom Cintiq 16 Giveaway on The Geekery View
El Fett Muscle Shirt
El Fett Muscle Shirt Giveaway on The Geekery View
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October 14 - October 19

Buzz Boot Mug
OxyStrap Fitness Tracker
Batman Baby Carrier
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October 21 - October 26

John Wayne Belt Mug
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October 28 - November 2

Mickey Mouse Mug
Thomas Train Tent
Kenya Doll & Trucks
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November 4 - November 9

Star Trek Mug
Smart Outlets & Dimmer
Baby Toys & Teethers
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November 11 - November 16

Monopoly Car Mug
PS4 Spider-Man Suit
Dinosaur Tent
Spider-Man Car Seat
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November 18 - November 23

Dino Footprint Mug
Storm Breaker Hammer
DC Harness Buddies
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November 25 - November 30

Mary Poppins Mug
Bubble Machine
Superman Car Seat
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December 2 - December 7

Astronaut Mug
Daredevil Baton
TASER Strike Light
TASER Pulse+
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December 9 - December 14

Mr. Potato Head Mug
Unicorn Tent
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December 16 - December 21

Black Panther Mug
Wakanda Shield
Play Tunnel
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December 23 - December 28

Bumble Mug
Galaxy Squad Pins
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December 30 - January 4

Darth Vader Mug
El Fett Muscle Shirt
Wacom Cintiq 16
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Buzz Boot Mug